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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Couple of Rock A Little outtakes

I've always loved this set of photos. Even though I like the cover of the album, I think some of these were better contenders that the one that made it ♥

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doing the Best I Can - 2nd demo lyrics

You know, for some reason, the song Doing the Best I Can has never been a favorite of mine.  I've always kind of disliked the song all together. But recently, I downloaded the demos from Ivory Keys (what an amazing page!), and wow, I'm totally crushing on this song now.  Funny how things like that change sometimes.  
Like the previous lyrics I posted, this has some pretty major alt lyrics from the released version. 

Doing the Best I Can (5:30)
Talking 1st
We were just looking for the beat, I’m punching sound stuff, but mostly I’m just looking for a beat.

It was one for you
It was three for me
It was very nice
It was you and me
So here it is
In little pieces
She says sometimes it hard
And I never like changes
Oh but you change your mind
Then you change it all around again
Just like a game she says
Then you change your mind
It’s just a game she says
And the clock is unwinding
Prepare for her departure
Well she’s always leaving
Your priorities are ancient
Well they say she’s always down with the broken hearted
These are ancient
Well they says she’s always down
With the broken hearted
He says, oh I hear you’re doing fine
And you’re doing the best that you can
Says I hear you’re fine
And you’re doing the best that you can
Made of the finest silk
She made her final plans
Said nothing
She go up and hill and come down again
And the whispered secrets
They go on and on
You say anything to anyone
She says sometimes it’s hard
And I never liked changes
So you change your mind
And you change it all around again
She says it’s just the finer things
She says I like to go fast
He says well you like to it
Save me a place she says
Racing with the wind
She says sometimes this is hard and I
Never like changing
Save me a place she says
Race with the wind
He says oh I hear you’re doing find and you’re
Doing the best that you can
He says oh I hear your find
And you’re doing the best that you can

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chiffon - unreleased demo lyrics


They met on an afternoon dreary
She - all in white chiffon
he in blue jeans and a white T-shirt
She knew she was falling in love -

Someone tapped her on the shoulder
As she leaned against the bar-
She turned around to face him -
As he pulled her down-
Everyone was watching-
But they talked on and on-
Believe this wen I say it-
It happens once in awhile

And that was just the beginning
and there has never really been an end-
They've been separated most of the time
But when they see each other once in a while
Nothing seems to have changed
No changes

I'll see him soon, I feel it coming-
he walks in my life and out again
But it never stops-
No matter how much time goes between
and the feeling remains