Complete Demo List

My wish for this page is to compile a complete list of all circulating Stevie Nicks demos and outtakes. Right now I know it’s horribly outdated, but I’m planning on updating it regularly.

I welcome any corrections, comments or feedback to, but make sure to put "Stevie Nicks" or something similar in the subject line or the email will probably get filtered out to junk mail.

Here’s how I define a Demo or an Outtake:

Demo: simple music and vocal track; usually just voice accompanied by piano or a drum machine

Outtake: full music and polished vocal track

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24kt Gold
"here comes the cold chill, but it's just me, it's just me...”

1) demo (commonly circulating demo, drum machine, piano)
2) alt demo #1
3) alt demo dated 1-80 (wheel of chance)
4) alt demo same as #2 but with extra backup vocals
5) a capella version
Shel’s Notes:There are many slightly different versions of # 3 circulating on the Master Reel comps, I just didn’t list all of them here. There is also a master reel copy of #1 the commonly circulating 24kt Gold demo.

Affairs of the Heart

"well it's better to have loved and lost..."
1) outtake – alt vocal, girls singing backups - slight alt lyrics (5:04)
2) outtake dated 2-16-90 (4:54)
3) extended version (4:54)
4) outtake – alt mix 1 (4:14)
5) outtake – alt mix 2 (4:46)
6) outtake – alt vocal (5:04)

After The Glitter Fades

"the feeling remains.."

1) UR demo
2) studio outtake #1
3) studio outtake #2
4) piano demo "artsy-fartsy"
Shel’s Notes:There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo available. There are also several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

All Over You
1) one version with Prince
Shel’s Notes:This doesn’t really sound like Stevie to me, I’m not a fan of the song

All The Beautiful Worlds
"calm beautiful childlike victim"

1) Outtake - Wild Heart era (5:40)
2) Outtake version 2 – (5:07)
Shel’s Notes: Version 2 is the same as the first one, except that it fades out sooner and has a different vocal mix at the end. All known versions of #2 have a skip towards the end.

All the Kings Horses
"it will do again tonight, so says the Dark Angel to you"

1) 8 min demo (Rock A Little era)
2) demo with Fleetwood Mac

“you have a daughter, born a Gemini, name her Amber"

1) one demo version

Annabel Lee
"many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea"

1) TISL era demo (this is the Edgar Allen Poe poem)

"so I close my eyes softly, until I become that part of the wind that we all long for sometime"

1) Chain box set version
2) Tusk test pressing 9-24-79
2) slightly different outtake

Are You Mine
"are you mine all the time"

1) Wild Heart Innerview version
2) demo with Billy Burnette
3) solo demo

At The Fair
"and the doll that he wanted, well he should have left her there"

1) 1) Other Side of the Mirror demo (3:12)
Shel’s Notes:all circulating copies are cut off before the end

Baby Doll
"so sad for you, sad Baby Doll"

1) 2-18-81 outtake
2) 7-80 keyboard demo (2:58) Curry on Gui.
3) 7-80 keyboard demo (5:37) choppy, some talking in the middle.
4) 7-80 keyboard demo (4:07)
5) 7-80 keyboard demo (6:35) practice
6) 7-80 keyboard demo (3:45) alt lyrics
7) undated keyboard demo (3:20) sounds like it was another one of the 7-80 takes, but was found on a separate undated reel.
8) 7-13-80 drum machine demo (2:56)
9) 7-13-80 keyboard demo (3:08) – 3 vocal tracks
10)7-13-80 keyboard demo (1:49)
11) 7-13-80 keyboard demo (2:14)
Shel’s Notes:#1- the master reel copy of this song is the exact same as the widely circulating copy. The 7-80 keyboard demos all contain alt lyrics, including some to the song Bella Donna (no speed limit, come in out of the darkness).

Battle of the Dragon
"if I am still I will be fine"

1) Tom Petty Outtake (5:22)
2) Tom Petty Outtake (3:52) from Uncirculated Rumours LP
3) Timespace Remix (5:14)
4) 1984 outtake – extra backing vocals (4:38)
5) 1984 outtake – vocal outtake 1 (5:05)
6) 1984 outtake – vocal outtake 2 (5:06)
7) 1984 outtake – cuts off (2:47)
Shel’s Notes:takes 4 – 7 are from Sharon’s Tapes.

Beautiful Child
"I'm old enough to love you from afar...”

1) The Chain box set version
2) several outtakes

Beautiful Ghost
"you didn't have to trust her, she never trusted you”

1) Outtake (5:05)

Beauty and the Beast
"you're not a stranger to me"

1) long demo at piano talking about the movie
2) Tusk blues version
3) outtake with man speaking French at end
4) piano demo with Stevie and the girls
Shel’s Notes:Some people list #1 as a Master Reel when in fact it is not; it has been circulating for years.

Bella Donna
"bella donna, my soul"

1) unmixed studio outtake
2) two outtake versions dated 7-14-80 (Katherine Kelly)
3) one demo dated 7-17-80, cuts off
4) demo "the dye has been cast"
5) studio outtake taken from the master reel tape
6) demo version, same as #2 but doesn’t include the backing vocals

Bell Flower
"I'll sing you a song of the nighttime, I'll sing you a story of moonlight"

1) piano demo
2) Wild Heart outtake (4:57)

Big Love
1) extended #1 "house on the hill"
2) extended #2 "wake up"

Blue Denim
"so I'm going away for a little while to remember how to feel"

1) remix version
2) outtake (false start)
3) complete outtake ("take 4")
4) complete outtake ("take 5")

Blue Lamp
"the guardian of the challenge does not cry"

1) UR version
2) demo with It's Not A Dream
3) Heavy Metal/Enchanted version
4) drum machine piano demo
5) studio outtake with extended ending

Blue Water
"and the sea is a moving as a lover"

1) piano demo
2) Stevie and Sharon sing a few lines from the WH Innerview
Shel’s Notes:The Master Reel version of Blue Water is the same as the circulating UR version

Bombay Sapphires
“I can mend your heart”

1) one outtake version

"you guide me back again and I'll come when you shine"

1) "Nomad" demo
2) Sheryl Crow rough mix dated 5-27-99

1) UR demo #1
2) UR demo #2
3) three drum machine demos taken from the master reel tapes
Shels Notes: one of the MR demos (#3) is the complete version of the common drum machine “don’t rain on our parade” demo

Cathouse Blues
"the cat sleeps alone, sleeps only in the sun, but she'll await the night and she'll be gone"

1) one demo (Almanac)

"where have the white birds flown, have they flown so very far? no they're just asleep"

1) 1980 demo (8:52) – MR
2) 1978 demo – take 1 (8:04) – alt lyrics
3) 1978 demo – take 2 (4:29) – alt lyrics – you wander around at night…  
Shel’s Notes: number one is the commonly circulating demo, uncut, taken from the Master Reels.  The next two were found on the 1978 Rhiannon Board Tape.

Chanel Chanel
"she was herself, she was not his"

1) RAL outtake (3:37)
2) RAL outtake 1.2 (3:19) – alt lyrics
3) RAL outtake 2.1 (3:32) – alt lyrics  
Shel’s Notes: number one is the version that was found on the TISL outtakes CD compilation.  The 2nd two were taken from the Rock A Little work tapes.  Each version of the song has different lyrics from any of the others.

China Doll
1) early demo

City of Hope
1) one version cut at end

Crying In The Night
1) Buckingham Nicks version
2) UR version

Cry Wolf
each outtake has a different vocal
1) alt take #1
2) alt take #2
3) alt take #3
4) alt take #4

1) Practical magic version
2) White album version
3) Buckingham Nicks version

The Dealer
1) Rumours version ("Jesse" version)
2) Tusk version
3) Wild Heart version ("Jesse" version)
4) RAL studio version
5) 2-15-81 outtake
6) 2-16-81 five outtakes
7) "Master of my Fate" with Tom Petty
8) outtake with unknown friend singing along
9) nine slightly different versions including an a cappella version from master reel tape

"my destiny says that I'm destined to fall"

1) Wild Heart demo
2) RAL demo
3) Street Angel outtake

Dial the Number
“even just a smile makes her turn away, with a feeling"

1) Wild Heart demo #1
2) Wild Heart demo # 2 (with strong Lori vocals)
3) Mirror outtake with Kenny G.
4) three outtakes dated 4-18-88 with Kenny G.
5) four outtakes dated 1-10-89 with Kenny G.


1) studio outtake very similar to LP version
2) SA demo (4:15) – alt vocal and music (2 vocal tracks playing at same time)


Doing The Best I Can
1) demo – keyboard (5:30) – many alternate lyrics
2) demo - piano (4:45) – from BBC interview, just Stevie, the girls and a piano
3) demo – keyboard  (11:55) – many alternate lyrics

Don't Let Me Down Again
1) Buckingham Nicks version


Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger
"you don't understand at all what I mean, the sky is raining"

1) Mirror outtake with Kenny G
2) alt outtake with Kenny G (different than 1st one listed)
3) alt outtake with Kenny G version #2

“there you go again, you say you want your freedom”

1) Chain box set version
2) outtake version "I see the crystal changes"
3) live studio outtake
4) studio version “vocal mix”
4) Deep Dish remix

Edge of 17
"the sea changes colors, but the sea does not change"

1) extended with dove coos
2) unmixed outtake
3) a cappella with the girls during a WH era interview
4) outtake labeled as "take 7" this is a very raw vocal outtake
5) outtake labeled as "take 12" this is another very raw vocal, different than above
6) outtake labeled as "take 26" also another raw vocal and different than the previous two
Shel’s Notes: there are several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

Everybody Finds Out
1) early mix (SYW outtake)

Fall From Grace
"not all the kings horses, not all the kings men, could put it back together"

1) outtake with extra verse

Fire Burning
"there's a fire still burning that no one sees, she doesn’t even see it either, or so everyone thinks.."

1) unmixed alternate take

“my five fireflies”

1) extended
2) remix edit
3) Lindsey sings a line
4) remix

Forest of the Black Roses
"and each fold in her long black dress was just as soft as the petals of the rose"

1) UR #1
2) UR # 2

Friend From Yesterday
“my best friend, after all this time, you have run away again"

1) one demo version

Free Falling
1) part of five soundtrack

Frozen Love
"hate gave you me for a lover"

1) Buckingham Nicks version

"lose yourself in a silvery dress..."

1) “You Could Forget” demo
2) B-side to Stand Back

"in the shadow of her castle walls..."

1) unmixed alternate take

God's Garden
1) Street Angel Japanese release
2) demo #1
3) demo # 2 with male backing vocals

Golden Braid
"she sits by the doorway, she's been waiting there all day, all these years"

1) outtake #1 "when all the light is gone"
2) outtake #2 "I never did not love you"
3) outtake #3 “in the eye of the storm”
4) outtake #4 “love letter”
5) echo outtake

Gold Dust Woman
"take your silver spoon and dig your grave"

1) ext ending
2) demo # 1
3) demo # 2
4) cassette version (louder Stevie at ending)

Goldfish and Ladybug
1) early demo (Almanac)

Goodbye Baby
"the sands of time like shattering glass move past me like a tunnel to the sea"

"The Tower" piano demo
Shel’s Notes: This is available in a MR compilation

"another lady, another time, another heartbroken state of mind"

1) RAL demo with alt lyrics
2) SA outtake

Grandfather Song
"My grandfather taught me to sing at four, took me everywhere, had me dancing on bars, paid me fifty cents a week to practice my guitar, told my mother and father I'd be a country star, sing like you mean it, grandfather, put your heart into it, grandfather, always knew you would do it, singing timeless country music"

1) one version, just a few lines sang in an interview

"and her memory is all that is left for you now"

1) Chain box set (unedited ending!!)
2) unmixed BD outtake
3) Mirage outtake
4) long piano demo "the year of the child is near"
5) demo "it was my night"
6) FM rehearsal? (some funky Lindsey backup on this one!)
7) "Velvet Underground"

Gypsy Beggars
1) one piano demo

Has Anyone Ever Written
1) outtake

Have No Heart
1) incredible outtake found on the Shangri-La demo comps
Shel’s Notes: I 'm pretty convinced that this was actually recorded during the Mirror ear.  The music has a similar piano rhythm as the Doing the Best I Can demo, and the way Stevie and the girls sing together.

The Highwayman
1) unmixed outtake
2) demo with high note at end
3) studio outtake labeled as "take 17", same as LP but no Don Henley
4) outtaked dated 2-20-81, has an alt vocal, really pretty
5) another outtake dated 2-20-81. This also has an alt vocal and is different than the one listed above.

How Still My Love
“still the same old story, what price glory”

1) rockin version
2) Walter & Stevie demo dated 1-6-80
3) unmixed outtake
4) piano demo
Shel’s Notes: there are several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

I Don't Want To Know
1) outtake
2) instrumental

I Can't Wait
1) "yes I know you" version
2) single version
3) extended version
4) rock vocal remix
5) UK 7" remix
6) instrumental dub mix
7) outtake
8) dance remix
9) dub dance mix
10) dub rock mix

I Need You
1) early demo

I Sing for the Things
1) UR demo
2) instrumental outtake with just the backing vocals
3) upbeat outtake

I've Loved and I've Lost
1) excerpt from interview

I've Been Loving You
1) Lindsey demo with cool Stevie singing at the ending

If Anyone Falls
1) demo version
2) outtake with full end lyric

If You Ever Did Believe
1) UR demo
2) Practical magic version
Shel’s Notes: There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo, but it fades out before the end of the song

If You Were My Love

“if I were the one who watched over your sleeping, you would never have been lonely…at all”

1) Bella Donna demo (5:15) - piano
2) Mirage outtake
3) Wild Heart demo
4) Street Angel demo

5) 7-13-80 demo (4:30) – piano w/drum machine
6) 7-13-80 demo (2:37) - piano w/drum machine
7) 7-13-80 demo (1:30) – piano
8) 7-13-80 demo (4:19) – keyboard
9) 7-13-80 demo (6:20) – keyboard, slight alt lyrics
Imperial Hotel
"don't cry baby, I can save you"

1) instrumental outtake with just the backing vocals
2) one outtake version

Impossible Task
1) RAL demo
2) RAL demo #2 with alt lyrics

1) SA release

It's Not A Dream
"your sad bright eyes, always almost sad"

1) demo with Blue Lamp
2) demo

Jane's Song

1) demo
2) SA outtake

Jimmy Come Back
“take my back….into your heart”

1) outtake # 1 (3:28)
2) outtake # 2 (3:58)
3) outtake # 3 (3:28)

Joan of Arc
“they depended upon illusion, calling the illusion gold and glitter

1) Tango outtake (2:21) – cuts off
2) Tango outtake (5:40)
3) 3-9-86 outtake – take 9 (drums) (5:40)

"I will ride through the snow in an old fashioned carriage"

1) 6-8-81 outtake
2) 6-7-81 two outtakes
3) 6-4-81 three complete outtakes and one incomplete. (all versions listed are from studio master reel tapes)
4) 13 slightly different versions of the song Julia taken from the master tapes
5) 15 min rough draft of the song "Julie" taken from the master reel tape
6) 19 min rough draft of the song, Stevie mentions the song is brand new and it has a few lyrical changes

"she turns to the Blue Crystal Mirror...”

1) Tango outtake
2) Mirror outtake
3) unmixed outtake w/o Bruce Hornsby

Just Like A Woman
1) outtake very similar to the LP version

Kick It
1) outtake very similar to LP version

Kind of Woman
“yes, she matters to you”

1) UR piano demo
2) unmixed outtake
3) long demo with Tom Petty & HB, dated 1-17-80, includes Tom singing Runaway. From master reel tape
Shel’s Notes: There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo available

Knocking on Doors
1) early demo

Lady from the Mountain
“you love her, but you love your life alone as well”

1) Tusk version
2) Bella Donna version
3) RAL # 1
4) RAL # 2
5) Drum machine demo (MR)
6) drum machine demo #2 (MR)
7) "part 2" (MR)

Leather and Lace
“give to me your leather, take from me my lace”

1) UR demo
2) demo with Don Henley
3) solo Stevie demo (MR)
4) Stevie & Don demo (MR)
5) just Don's part (MR)
6) a cappella chorus (MR)
Shel’s Notes: There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo available. There are also several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

Listen to the Rain
“my world will still revolve around you”

1) SA outtake with some alt lyrics

Little Lies
1) remix with additional Stevie vocals

Long Distance Winner
1) Buckingham Nicks version

Long Way To Go
"to the sea goes, like a blackbird, bye bye blackbird"

1) remix
2) 7" version
3) alt ending (bye bye blackbird)
4) a cappella version of #3

Love and War
1) one demo version (aka Mix Down)

Love Changes
1) one outtake version

Love Don't Fail Me Now
1) one demo version

Love Is
“one tear slid across her lips, to the corner of her mouth and dropped to the floor”

1) piano demo with some alt lyrics

Love Is Like A River
1) RAL demo with alt lyrics
2) SA outtake

Mabel Normand
1) OSOTM demo (4:11) 

Maybe Love
1) outtake with alt vocals
2) remix
3) a cappella outtake (MR)


“they didn’t understand the silence in her cat green eyes”

1) one demo version

Mirror Mirror
1) outtake #1 "in spite of what you say" (4:24)
2) outtake # 2 “this will leave you haunted” (4:19)
3) outtake # 3
4) outtake # 4 "this will leave you haunted in your mirror" (4:21)
5) outtake # 5 “ask your mirror” (4:21)
6) outtake # 6 with alt lyrics (
7) RAL outtake (   ) – B-side to SA cassette single

8) 7-22-92 outtake (7:08) – alt vocal

9) 7-24-92 outtake (7:08) – alt vocal, echo

10) undated SA outtake (6:42) – alt vocal

Mistaken Love
1) UR # 1
2) UR # 2
3) demo at piano with Sharon

My Heart
"my heart still stops when I stand before you"

1) outtake (TISL era)

My Love Is Never Lost
1) piano demo sung in the studio with a bunch of friends singing along
2) a different more polished version of the same song

Night Gallery
1) one outtake version

1) outtake with full ending lyrics "you'll see the eyes of the nightbird"

The Nightmare
1) extended remix with mega alt lyrics "this is not the world, not the real world"
2) piano demo # 1
3) piano demo # 2
4) instrumental
5) outtake "blinded by the light"
6) outtake with slight alt lyrics

No Spoken Word

“I was just that old, that August dark, dark day”

1) outtake
2) instrumental outtake with just the backing vocals

No Questions Asked
“so today she says, well I’ve changed my mind, that’s a woman’s right they say”

1) demo # 1 (4:26) simple, piano, some guitar, slower version, vocal sounds a lot like the Doing the Best I Can demos.  Fades out and back in with just drums.
2) demo # 2 (5:38) drum machine.  Vocal era same as demo 1, but this is a bit of a faster version.
3) extended ending (1:47) cuts in right at the ending
4) Outtake -Take 3 (4:44) sounds just like released version except she says “No Questions Asked” right at the beginning.  May be some slight musical differences.
5) Outtake – Take 4 (4:38) another outtake that sounds just like the released version.  May be some slight musical differences.
6) Outtake – Take 5 (4:36) she says “No Questions Asked” right at beginning.  Sounds a lot like take 3. 
Not Make Believe
1) TISL outtake version
2) Fleetwood Mac version

Nothing Ever Changes

1) outtake with alt lyrics

Oh Baby
“maybe someday you will really get to know me better”

1) Rock A Little era demo (5:31)

Shel’s Notes
most compilations containing this song have a copy that cuts off before the end.

Oh Daddy
1) outtake with strong Stevie vocals

Ooh My Love

“there was a time when he used to call her Angel”

1) outtake, cut at end
Old Fashioned
“these are the moments that I live for”

1) outtake (3:42) early 90’s era
Shel’s Notes: also known as The Dance

One More Big Time RnR Star
“do you think about me know as I sing about this love”

1) Full length ending (4:46)
One More Tomorrow
“I wish I was strong enough to do the right thing, but I’m not and you know that”

1)Wild Heart outtake version (4:43)

Outside the Rain
“look in my eyes, touch my face, baby there’s no one that can ever replace that heartache”

1) demo "did I see some love in your eyes"
2) demo with some alt lyrics
3) master reel demo with T. Petty & The Heartbreakers
Shel’s Notes: there are several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

Over & Over

1) outtake with prominent Stevie backing vocals

Paper Doll
“you prefer to be just a little bit in and out of love with me, and not to scream and shout, you prefer to be just a little bit in and out of agony”

1) The Chain box set (3:56)
2) outtake (3:58) – very slight alt mix

Planets of the Universe
“if I had my life to live over, I would never dream”

1) Tracy Young Club Mix
2) Tracy Young Universal Dub
3) Illicit Club Mix
4) Illicit Vocal Dub
5) Illicit Vocal Dub Instr.
6) Extended Album Version
7) "No Light" piano demo
8) “No Light” version from the Rumours extended CD
9) outtake version dated 8-2-99
Shel’s Notes: The “No Light” demo version is available in a MR comp

Priest of Nothing
“and her friend said nothing for the longest time; and she turned her head and she walked away”

1) Take 1 (6:07)
2) Take 2 (6:06)
Shel’s Notes: Rock a Little era outtakes, fun fact (courtesy of Mike Bise) each take was recorded to a different instrumental song from a 1978 Joe Walsh album called “But Seriously, Folks”.

Prettiest Girl in the World  
"you don't know what pain is baby, don't talk to me about it"

1) outtake (4:49) – early 90’s
Races Are Run
1) Buckingham Nicks version

Real Tears
1) one outtake version

Reconsider Me
1) Enchanted version
2) Alt version


“once in a million years, a lady like her rises”

1) UR # 1
2) UR # 2
3) Enchanted piano
4) 45 single version
5) 3-29-78 piano demo (2 different versions taken from Master Reel)

Rich Old Lady
 ”if this is the way you feel, take her money, she’s your honey tree; but she’s not me; I don't want to be with you when she's asleep”

1) “Mystical Love” version with friends singing (3:29)
2) piano demo (6:23) - 1980

Rock A By Baby

1) Rock a Little outtake (4:01)
Shel’s Notes: there are some similar lyrics to Blue Lamp, I love it when Stevie’s songs connect with each other like that!
Rock A Little
1) complete demo with Mick alt lyrics
2) studio outtake with addtnl vocals
3) B side to I Can’t Wait (extended version of song)
Shel’s Notes: the Mick version (#1) is taken from a Master Reel and is not edited (and much longer) than the commonly circulating version found on the Mystical Love compilation.

Rooms On Fire
“well maybe I’m just thinking that the rooms are all on fire”

1) demo with alt lyrics
2) remix
3) remix edit

Rose Garden

“I have everything but a small gold band, on my finger, on my left hand”

1) RAL demo
2) demo with extra verse
3) SA outtake

Running Through The Garden
“so you run toward what you know is wrong, but there are too many flowers to cut down”

1) Rock a Little outtake – 3 vocals
2) Rock a Little outtake – one vocal (4:07)
3) Rock a Little outtake – two vocals (4:02)
Shel’s Notes:  Versions 2 and 3 are taken from the Rock a Little Work tapes and have excellent sound.  Version 1 is the commonly circulating demo (not great sound).  It contains the same vocals as tracks 1 and 2, but also has an additional vocal track layered with them.
Sable On Blonde
1) outtake (2:15) – alt vocal. All know versions cut off before the end.

1) demo with Tom Petty and HB dated 4-81
2) five complete outtakes (one instrumental) all recorded 4-81

“and the wind became crazy”

1) Cleaning lady version 9 min
2) complete lyric outtake
3) UR piano demo
4) instrumental
5) remix

Secret Love
1) one demo version

Second Hand News

1) outtake

See The World Go By
1) guitar demo (2:44) – very early vocal, pre Buckingham Nicks?

Seven Wonders
1) extended version
2) remix
3) outtake

She Calls You Missing  
“she burns a candle for him every night, she calls it worth it”

1) one demo version (4:10)
She Still Loves Him
1) outtake 1 (3:38)
2) outtake 2 (3:41)
3) outtake # 3 slight alt lyrics?? Need to check demo CDs and compare to takes 1 & 2
Silver Springs
“I cast a spell on you, you won’t forget me”

1) Chain box set version
2) released Rumours B side
3) UR piano demo (I cast a spell on you..)
4) alt ending outtake
5) studio outtake
6) instrumental

Sister Honey  
“nobody’s right baby, all of the time, well a fool only knows what he’s leaving behind"

1) outtake (3:26) – all versions cut off before the ending
Sisters of the Moon
“some say illusions are her game”

1) studio outtake with extra verse
2) piano demo with complete lyrics and spoken intro, taken from the master reel tape
3) Tusk test pressing 9-24-79
4) 45 single version
5) studio outtake with extra Stevie vocals and Christine “ooh whos” (very cool)

Sleeping Angel
“two part personality, the flower and the vine”

1) UR piano demo
2) piano demo
3) studio outtake
Shel’s Notes: There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo available

Smile at You
“my first mistake was to smile at you”

1) Tusk outtake (5:29)
2) Tusk outtake (5:29) – same as 1st version, but includes additional vocals
3) Uncirculated Rumours – Tusk outtake (4:40) same main vocal as 1st two
3) Mirage outtake (5:40) commonly referred to as the “Angry Version”
4) Mirage outtake (4:36) alt vocal

Some Become Strangers  
“you become a stranger and let your soul become a stranger”

1) outtake (2:25) alt vocal, cuts off
2) outtake (3:59)
3) backing vocals (4:06)
Somebody Stand By Me
1) Boys on the Side version

Something Exquisite
“I want my life to concern him”

1) Outtake (4:30)
2) Outtake – alt vocal “I hear a warning on the wind” (4:13)
“all around black ink darkness”

1) early demo with banjo
2) Marilyn Martin version (extra verse not in any other versions, cool Stevie backup at the end)
3) Sheryl Crow rough mix dated 5-27-99

Space Needle
“I remember the loss of enchantment.  Everyone I’d see.  I’d see my own face in each one of their faces, looking back at me”

1) 6-15-99 outtake (7:38)

Spinning Wheels  
“in your laughter, you do scream, and in your screams you do pretend”

1) one outtake version (6:00) also known as Christian
Stand Back
 “I feel I need a little sympathy”

1) outtake (4:42) – slight alt mix, same vocal
Starshine Silver
“starshine, they used to call you silver, love light love affair, you used to make me shiver”

1) one demo version

Stay Away
1) piano demo (5:55) – vocals are turned down and kind of hard to hear

Stop Dragging My Heart
1) unmixed outtake
2) Tom Petty solo vocals
Shel’s Notes: there are several “Necam” mixes of this song available from the Master Reels, but they all sound almost identical to the studio version, so I have not listed them here.

“never have I been a blue calm sea, I have always been a storm”

1) long drum machine demo (Almanac)
2) demo with Mick talking
3) Tusk outtake

Straight Back
“the dream was never over, the dream has just begun”

1) LP version
2) CD version
3) outtake # 1
4) outtake # 2
Shel’s Notes: There is a distinct difference between the CD and LP versions, noticeable during the background singing at the end of the song.

Street Angel
“they may tell you that you hold the world in your hands, but they always give it back”

1) alternate mix outtake (4:13) – alt Stevie vocal and extra subtle male backing vocals (excellent sound!)

2) outtake (4:08) – not sure what the difference is, taken from SA Sessions disc – compare to original?
Sweet Girl  
“to whom do you cry when people are unkind, sweet girl?”

1) outtake (4:14)
Takes A Long Time
1) one outtake version cut at end

Talk To Me
“well I can see you running, all the way back home”

1) Rock A Little outtake
2) backup singer version

That's Alright
“I can’t define love like it should be, and that’s alright”

1) early demo (Designs of Love)
2) Mirage outtake # 1
3) Mirage outtake # 2
4) alt version

That Made Me Stronger
1) one outtake version

Three Birds of Rhiannon
“one emerald green, one snow white…one golden like a sunbeam flashing through the night”

1) UR demo

Think About It
“step into the velvet of the morning”

1) Rumours version with Lindsey
2) acoustic guitar demo
3) UR demo
4) outtake taken from master reel tape
Shel’s Notes: There is a Master Reel copy of the UR demo available

This Is My Cross To Bear
1) demo sung at home with friends

Thousand Days
1) RAL demo
2) RAL demo with extra lyrics
3) SA version

Thrown Down
1) Stevie only outtake (TISL era)
2) outtake with Al Ortiz (TISL era)
3) Fleetwood Mac studio outtake (SYW era, also referred to as the “Wall of Sound” version)

Tied Up In Promises
1) outtake # 1
2) outtake # 2

Touched By An Angel
1) Sweet November soundtrack

Too Far From Texas
1) extended remix

Tragedy Of One's Own Soul
1) one outtake version (Mirror era)

Trouble In Shangri-La
“I run through the grass, over the stones, down to the sea, show me the way back, honey…”

1) one demo version

1) Twister Soundtrack version (w/Lindsey)
2) Enchanted version
3) solo demo

Two Kinds of Love
"outraged at each other, engaged to each other in our hearts...yet we live apart"
1) Stevie/Rupert demo
2) Rupert solo demo (alt lyrics "no man can be an island, you can keep your heart shaped diamond")
Shel’s Notes: There’s a “heart shaped diamond” in the Rooms on Fire video. Interesting connection!

1) remix taken from the master reel tape, very long

Unconditional Love
1) SA outtake
2) slight alt version

Violet and Blue
“take your violet and blue mornings with you”

1) Against All Odds version
2) demo with alt ending
3) UR version

“the keeper of the time is blind”

1) early demo version (Almanac)
2) early studio outtake

Welcome to the Room Sara
1) one outtake version

What Has RnR Ever Done

“what has RnR ever done for me? everything”

1) one Tango outtake

When I See You Again
“When I see you again, will your great eyes still say, what’s the matter baby?”

1) outtake - solo ending (3:47)
2) outtake - duet ending (3:53)

When Will We Love Again
1) early demo

Whole Lotta Trouble
“the angel said well you must have had a dream....”

1) one demo version
2) outtake

Wild Heart
“something in my heart died that night, just another chip off an already broken heart”

1) makeup session demo
2) full end lyrics
3) instrumental (like the makeup demo)

Without You
1) one demo version (Almanac)

You Like Me

1) Rock a Little outtake (3:07)
Shel’s Notes:  Stevie’s version of the song she wrote that was recorded by the Williams Brothers.