Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chiffon - unreleased demo lyrics


They met on an afternoon dreary
She - all in white chiffon
he in blue jeans and a white T-shirt
She knew she was falling in love -

Someone tapped her on the shoulder
As she leaned against the bar-
She turned around to face him -
As he pulled her down-
Everyone was watching-
But they talked on and on-
Believe this wen I say it-
It happens once in awhile

And that was just the beginning
and there has never really been an end-
They've been separated most of the time
But when they see each other once in a while
Nothing seems to have changed
No changes

I'll see him soon, I feel it coming-
he walks in my life and out again
But it never stops-
No matter how much time goes between
and the feeling remains

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